Gokcha NEW
Gokcha is a low class saiyan warrior whose family was killed when he was 19 by Frieza before Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta. He trained for 19 years on earth then he decided to find Frieza and kill him. Then while he was flying he sensed a high power level on his scouter. It was Goku. Gokcha asked if he knew were Frieza was. Goku said he's dead. Gokcha was then enraged and shocked }}because he trained all those years and Frieza was dead he really wanted to avenge his family and planet Vegeta then he was then so mad that he became a Super Saiyan. Goku then was shocked that he became a Super Saiyan. Gokcha fought Goku, and Gokcha beat him up so much that Goku was no match for Gokcha. Gokcha was then about to do a blast on Goku until Goku said that Frieza was killed for all the saiyans he hurt and that Gokcha kind of did have his revenge. Gokcha then apologized to Goku and they became friends. Gokcha helps people whenever they need help. Whenever he senses danger he will be there to help anyone. He became friends with Rage and helps him on his adventures.

Gokcha as a Super Saiyan.

Gokcha calmed down after realizing Frieza died. He changed from a rather serious, vengeful, and destructive saiyan to a not so serious, funny, and cocky saiyan. Gokcha makes a lot of jokes and does not takes things too seriously anymore. But if Frieza was ever to be revived from the dead he would want to be the one to kill him. Later on in RP, it was revealed that his younger brother Gomcha was alive. Gokcha was so happy. It turns out that the ki blast wasn't strong enough to kill him, so he faked his death so Frieza wouldn't actually kill him. You're probably wondering how he survived the giant wave Frieza shot at Planet Vegeta? Well right when Frieza shot the wave, he flew away when no one was looking.

Gokcha trained under Korin for awhile, Gomcha did not come along because he thinks Korin is weird. Gokcha finally meets the gang again when they return to Korin Tower during the King Piccolo Saga.

Power Level: 1400


  • Yamku and Bulchi: His former best friends his parents. They were very kind to Gokcha. They were killed by Frieza.
  • Gomcha: Gokcha and his 5 year old brother, Gomcha got along well. They sparred together at Planet Vegeta a lot. It was thought he was killed by Frieza, but he survived, and during RP, Gokcha met him again and was so happy. When Gokcha trains, he trains with Gomcha.
  • Rage: Gokcha is good friends with Rage, he thinks of Rage like a younger brother.
  • Mitsubi and Fava: Feels they are too serious about things.
  • Vegra: Doesn't really know him that well, since he recently met him.
Kid Gokcha

Gokcha as a child.