Master roshi is a martial arts teacher and the worst teacher! You may get sexual harrased at his training. It's also tough and to even start training you must first find him a beautiful girl then he will take you to the training island and give you 1 kilo shells and then let you sleep and at 4:30 AM he will make you train by milk delivery tilling bare handed construction work and studying all while wearing the 1 kilo shell on your back after you do this he will change it to 2 kilo and soon even 5 kilo he will then continue your training preparing you for the world tournament. Just don't get harrased he's bisexual to!


Can really these relationships due that all he does is rape but

Constally trys to rape Fava and Zora only to get punched by Thanathos or Mitsubi

Has bisexual tendacies with Mitsubi and Thanathos and sometimes Rage only to get shut down

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