Dragon's dad

Mitsubi's father (thanks gohan)

Mitsubi' parents were well decorated soldiers in the saiyan army and are only seen a couple times (mostly in flashbacks and when ever mitsubi goes back in time) they were killed by frieza, mitsubi's father tryed to stop him mostly because freiza went for his wife (you can say mitsubi inherited that trait as he will sacrafice his life to protect fava) mitsubi's father has a power similer to gohans hidden potenial that gives him a huge power boost it rivals super saiyan and mitsubi inherited it but hasnt used he can also go super saiyan but no one knew but himself and his wife mitusbi's his mother was a very powerful soldier as well but not much is known she loved mitsubi very much her last words was "good bye son" than she died and his father said "dont let us die in vain" (this was said when he went back in time they also briefly saw him go SSJ after seeing them die(they were at near death) they only saw that for about 30 seconds than they died

His father's name was Vegra (Mitsubi's son was named after him in his honar was also a pun Vegetable)

His mother's name was Eggra(pun on eggplant)

Female saiyan 2

mitsubi's mother