Mitsubi's new look

Some say he looks strikly similer to Vegeta

Mitsubi and Fava are 2 ex saiyan soldiers that worked in a a special saiyan squad (note. mitsubis black armor) Mitsubi is able to go super saiyan from seeing fava getting injured badly and Fava is able too but havnt done it yet, there also in a relationship and are gona have a kid Mitsubi is a pun on a japanese herb and Fava is a pun on a japanese bean


Age:27(started at a very young age around 12)

Weight:145 pounds

armor/scouter color:white/yellow/ grey. Alt blue/white/ yellow

signiture move:Ill make you pay(charges a huge purple ki blast(similer to big bang attack) and launches it at the oppenent and causes a huge explosion)

In a relationship with fava

Parents got killed by frieza right before he decided to blow up the planet Mitsubi's been hunting for him ever since he found out which has turned him into depressed and ruthless warrior

Has a hidden power that rivals super saiyan it has yet to "unlocked" only fava knows about it

Vows to protect Fava with his life since she's all he has

He's very hot headed and is known to sometimes he will go on a rampage and engage in fights without thinking twice the only known person who is able to calm him down is Fava she's even made him revert from great ape just by talking him


In love with fava

Has a relationship with Thanathos similer to how Goku and Vegeta treat each other

Has yet to find out something that will change is life

Wants to kill Roshi

Is Vegra's father


Incinerator Cannon=his own version of the Big Bang Attack its color is purple

Wrath of Mitsubi=A barrage or ki waves followed by a Incinerator Cannon its color is purple or sometimes red

Galactic Strike=kicks the person in the air and than slams them to the ground than barrages them with ki waves color is mostly purple

Ill never forgive you=gains a huge power boost

Female saiyan



Age:28(started along side mitsubi was always in his squad)

Weight:doesnt tell anyone not even mitsubi

Armor color: blue/green/dark blue

Signiture move:Thats it!(kicks oppenent to ground and finishes with a move similer to final flash)

In a relationship with Mitsubi

Never met her parents due to them being well decorated soldiers and always at war but they were some of the most powerful soldiers in the army

Has the potential to go SSJ but she hasnt been able to awaken it nor has does she know

Is all Mitsubi has who he can call a friend


In love with mitsubi

Is Vegras mother

Were a close friend of Fasha


final Strike=her own version of final flash color is pink or blue

Meteor Rush=a barrage of ki waves followed by a a huge energy wave

Critical Strike=Charges ki in hands and does a barrage of punches and kicks

Ill kill you=kicks opponent in the air stuns them than jackhammers them to the ground and throws a huge ki wave

Family MovesEdit

Family Galick Gun

MItsubi alt outfit with tail

Mitsubi when he changes his outfit


Mitsubi Alternate outfit 2

Mitsubi's other alternate outfit

Mitsubi alt outfit

Vegra as a 12 year old during the King Piccolo Saga

Mitsubi's photo

Photo Mitsubi carries around

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