Saibamen are green humanoid creatures that grow from a planted seed placed in the ground. The seed is stored in a special liquid prior to its use. They can be found after at least 3 training sessions. They can be found everywhere execpt ice areas. They can self destruct so watch out! You can not battle the Saibamen yet till the user gohans rage says so Power level: 5000

Marvin the Saibaman

General info and history:
A Newly formed Saibaman hive mind. Due to Genetic experiments done of Saibamen they have earned the ability to connect physically and form a single personality. Due to unfortunate events the personality was named by Future 18 as 'Marvin' simply because the Saibaman reminded her of a cartoon character. Soon the name caught on of cause much to the Saibaman's disdain. The Saibaman spent most of his time on Planet Vegeta evidently doing nothing but slack off while his brethren did all the hard work. Soon King Vegeta and Nappa became tried of all of Marvin's slacking off and fitted him with a shock collar and began to force him to do Nappa's paperwork.

The Space Mafia


The Space Mafia insignia

By the time the Space Mafia was formed Marvin had settled in well into his new life style. The plan Marvin had set out to do was to mess up Frieza's ship which his new friend Kid Buu was keen to help on. The duo were soon confronted by Carmel on of Frieza's men who found his way into the car. An hour later they well all found in the car smoking marijuana and they then went on to attack other members of the DBZRP universe soon calling themselves “The Space Mafia”

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