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Vegra as a 12 year old during the King Piccolo Saga

Vegra is Mitsubi and Fava's son they were seperated on planet vegeta and 12 years later Fava found him on mars. He highly resembles his father. And Mitsubi makes Vegra wear armor that is of his Saiyan Heritage and since he cant ki sense he wears a scouter.


Incinerator Cannon=learned it from his dad

Final Strike=Learned it from his mother

Vegra's Strike=A barrage of punches and kicks followed by a ki wave

Final Barrage=Kicks the person up and punches them down and then rapid fires his ki at them

          New moves learned after Saiyan saga and during Namek Saga

Galick Gun=from witnesing Vegeta do it renamed to Galaxy Cannon

Raging Cannon=puts hands in the air as if doing a spirit bomb makes a big ki ball and throws it (not the same as spirt bomb completely different)

Double Incinerator Cannon=puts both hands out at the same angle as Incinerator Cannon (fingers are in the same postion as well) and charges a ki ball twice the size as the the regular Incenerator Cannon and fires it

Father-Son Incinerator Cannon=Its just the Incinerator Cannon with Mitsubi putting his hand beside Vegra's hand and they both fire a blast its 4x more powerful due to them combining the blast

Healing(improved)= he could do this before but could only heal a broken neck that causes death and heal a little bit of heath per minute now he can heal much more faster

Family Ability(bigger power increase)=Gains more power from his ability much more power

Unlock Potential:Gained by Guru unlocking it for him along side gohan and krillin


Is Mitsubi and Fava's son he love them a lot at first he was shy due to finally meeting them when he was 12, has already saved his father once from a demon named Akuma

Hardly knows Rage but hope's to be friends with him

Hasnt really talked to Thanatho but thinks he should stop messing with his dad

Hasn't met Zora yet

Is scared of Roshi and doesn't want to be around him unless he's with his dad or mom


Vegra without scouter

Vegra without his scouter


Vegra as a 12 year old during the King Piccolo Saga

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