Zeon Base

Zeon's base form.

Zeon is a Saiyan that survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He crash landed on Namek and eventually made his way to Earth. He currently defends it. His clothing was also gained on Namek, and he wears it the most. His name is a loose allusion to the vegetable "Zucchini".


PL: 701

Race: Saiyan.

Health: 100%

Items: Health Potion

Zeni: 500


Zeon is different from most Saiyans, being kind, calm, and sometmes loving, but hides it on the surface with a sarcastic and cynical personality. He won't hesitate to help a friend, and is rutheless in combat.


Coming Soon!



Zeon as a Super Saiyan.

Zeon's cape and chest peace were gained on Namek, but his blue jumpsuit and gloves were gained on Earth.


Gokcha- Zeon does not really like Gokcha that much.

Thanatho- Zeon is okay with him. They spar toghether and talk a lot.

Pilaf Jr.- Zeon hates Pilaf Jr. and always foils his plans to take over the world.